Hass Libre

Herb Counter

I am a master herbalist, licensed acupuncturist, homeopath, and massage therapist offering respectful, individualized health care for all ages.

I love working with my patients. My practice of Compassionate listening supports openness toward healing. At our first session, I spend two hours hearing your comprehensive history and providing diagnosis and treatment. Subsequent sessions are 1.5 hours long.

In my practice I combine all my skills, education, intuition and experience.

The herbal formulas, I create from my extensive pharmacy, are personalized for each patient, and are taken as brewed teas. The content content of the formula aims to treat the mind, body and spirit of each individual. The formula is changed as the individual changes from one treatment to the next. My goal is to guide my patients towards a more healthy and empowered state of being. Helping each patient feel connected to the rest of the world, helping them understand that they have something to contribute to the world, helping them feel more grounded and giving them the skills to feel grounded.

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